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test, manga n manhwa !

hello ! hello !
annyeong all ! (bows)
gyahhh ! ! i'm dead beat !
this has been a tiring week ! :((
well , there's all this extra classes after school , then there's the marathon practice . . 
i'm TIRED ! >.<"
duhh . . 
plus , there's the monthly test next week !
damn it ! huk3 . . 
guess no online for me next week eh ? 
gawd . . how can i cope with that ? ? 
geez ~
well , let's leave that awful thing aside . .
as u all know , (probably u don't) i'm an OTAKU . 
yes , an otaku ! 
my manga collection is like , pile now ! !
it's part of me now . . can't seem to get it off me . . 
hu3 . . :D
and so , as an otaku , reading manga/manhwa/manhua online has been a part time job for me !
ku3 . . apart from Kpop , this is my another addiction !
anime ? duhh . . it's my life ! ku3 . .
so , recently , i found an awesome manhwa ! 
well , i've found tons already but this one has topped my list right after i read it !
i can't link it here so i'll just tell u what the title is . . 
it's "A Kiss To My Prince" by Kim Hee Eun . .
found the similarities ? ke3 . . it's just the 'Eun' . . LOL !
(forgive me for my randomness)
so , this manhwa is AWESOME ! 
seriously ! the plot , the characters , all !
it's pure awesome ! \\(>____________<)//
huk3 . . n , i'm really satisfied with the ending ! 
how i wish i can think of a story like this . . 
but that's impossible tho , since i'm just a mere school girl . . 
can't write/draw like that . . ku3 . . 
that's why i really envy those who can draw well ! >.<

anyway , to any of u who knows any site where u can read comics online , hit that keyboard n read this manhwa !
u'll never regret it ! i'm sure ! :))
but hey , if u're not a manga/manhwa fans , gtfo ok ? :PP
i don't need anyone who can't accept criticism here . . :]
n don't question me ok ? i'm writing on my own will n power , so , if u don't like it , go piss someone else ! 
(this is not targeted to anyone ok ?)
n also , if u don't like what i write , don't read it ! :PP
i don't write for u , bishes !
don't go complaining here n there about what i wrote since it has nothing to do with u . . 
plus , this is my blog , so it's up to me to put anything in here right ?
LOL ! i can't believe u complaints about MY blog ! 
why don't u complaint about ur OWN blog ! 
how stupid can u be . . :P
so , u've read what i said right ? u should know urself now . . 
n as for u guys , please enjoy my blog , or just go away if u don't like it . . 
i'm not forcing anyone to read my blog after all . . :))
until then , i'll call it a day here . . 
annyeong ! !

Chapter 8 (part 4)> Just What Am I Doing??

That evening, Kibum can't concentrate during his practice. the thoughts of EunShi doesn't seem to leave his mind. he can't forget the way she looks in her arching uniform. but he can't accept the fact that she's in the same club as Minho! he is now really sure about Minho's feeling towards EunShi since he can see right through the way he looks at her. 'damn it!' he thought. both Taecyeon and Jinwoon noticed that but none of them dare to ask...

*Kendo Club...

Onew just stare blankly as the members of Kendo Club practice with one another. he can't concentrate, too. his mind is full with the thought of a girl, who doesn't seems to leave his mind and heart. yes, he has Ahn now, but, no one can easily forget their first love right? he totally forgot about his phone and even when he was changing before, he didn't even bother to check it. he just can't get his mind straight. he only realized that it was time to go home when Kiseop reminded him it's time to go. lazily, he walks out of the club house and let his feet wanders around the town...

*Choi's House...

Ahn slams her bag on the floor as soon as she close her door. she's pissed and hurt. she's been calling and mailing Onew like millions of time and she didn't even get one call back! she feels like crying but she held her tears in. there's no point calling EunShi since she has started her club activities so now she's alone. alone and hurt. she closes her eyes, trying not to think about Onew. she knows, if she started to think about him, she'll just ended up with swollen eyes and sleepless night. so, it's better for her to let it pass and concentrate on something else. and, the best way that she came up with is, bullying her little brother, Taemin...

Ahn: (leans against the fridge) Yah, Taemin!
Taemin: (watching TV) Mwo..
Ahn: Bring me the ice cream!
Taemin: (turns) Mworago?
Ahn: I said, bring me the ice cream!
Taemin: U're standing in front of the fridge! take it yourself!
Ahn: Mwo??
Taemin: (mehrong)
Ahn: So, u're saying that u don't want to take it?
Taemin: (shakes head and continue watching the TV)
Ahn: I see... (approaches) then, i'll take this! (takes his chips)
Taemin: Huh?? Noona! give it back! it's mine!!
Ahn: (mehrong) Sirheo~
Taemin: Noona!! (chases)
Ahn: Come and get me~ (runs)

And they chases after one another for the whole evening until Minho comes home with a cheerful face. he's not smiling or anything, but they can see he's in a good mood...

Ahn: (pant) Oh, u look happy... what happen?
Taemin: Yeah, hyung... (pant and tries to grab his chips)
Ahn: (pulls the chips away) U can't have it, kiddo!
Taemin: Uh! (pant) Noona!!
Minho: (shakes head) Just give it to him, Ahnsoo...
Ahn: Eh?? (mehrong) What happen huh?? why're u so happy??
Minho: Huh? ani... i, i'm, uh, i'll just be in my room. (walks away)

Ahn and Taemin look at each other with a puzzled face. they both wonder what just happened at school to him that made him so happy and bubbly all of the sudden...

*Upstairs, Minho's room...

Minho puts his bag and bow away and walks to his balcony. few birds are flying across the sky, heading home probably. and the sun is setting but his mood is just as the rising sun. he's over the moon. he starts to recall the things that happened in the Kyudo Club earlier on and finds himself smiling like an idiot. but, he can't help it. the fact that EunShi is in the same club as him really made him happy. and, his expression starts to change when he recalls the way she looks when she stepped out of the locker room and when she arched before. he starts to blush and his heart starts beating like crazy. suddenly, the thought of what he said to Onew in the council's room surrounds him...


Onew: Can we start now?
Minho: Huh? yes, certainly, hyung...
Onew: (takes a deep breath) Do u... (clears throat and put on a serious face) do u possibly like my sister?
Minho: (pales) Huh?
Onew: (serious) U heard me right? so, do u?
Minho: (staring at his shaking hands) I... i...
Onew: (picks up his mug but still staring at him)
Minho: (trembles) I... i do... (blushes)
Onew: Huh?
Minho: (closes eyes) I like her! i really do! (blushes harder)
Onew: (smiles and put his mug down) U do?
Minho: (nods) Y, ye...

Onew stands and walks towards him before patting his shoulder a few times...

Onew: Gomawo, Minho...
Minho: Huh?
Onew: (smiles) Just, gomawo...
Minho: Uh... ne...
Onew: (pats his shoulder again) I hope u can look after her...
Minho: Ye... yes hyung...
Onew: Kamsahamnida... (smiles meaningfully)
Minho: (nods and blush harder)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>END OF FLASHBACK<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

*Lee's House...

EunShi drags her feet to kitchen and put the groceries in the fridge. It's her turn to make the dinner today. after taking a good shower and ties her hair, she heads downstairs and start preparing the dinner. Onew is not home yet since he needs to tour around the school before heading home. as the council's president, he needs to make sure that the school is in its' best condition before he leaves it. and as for EunShi, she knows how hard he is working for the school. as she stir the soup, she starts to think about Kibum's weird act earlier today. he shouts at her the first thing in the morning the he suddenly become so gentle and kind to her after recess. she wonders why...

EunShi: Is he sorry? nahhh! (shakes head) he's not that easy. he never feels sorry for anybody. he never did! but... (looks outside) why did he act like that? what's his intention?? is he...

Then, she recalls their break-up two years ago. how they treat each other after that, and how Kibum forget about their promise. everything starts to make sense to her now. and when she finally get to a conclusion, she burst into tears and get on her knee and screams...

"Just what am i doing?????"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chapter 8 (part 3)> Club and...

Right after the last bell rings, everyone starts to pack up their things and head towards their club. everyone seems so fired up. after all, everyone loves club activities right? EunShi packs her thing carelessly, it's not like she's not interested, but she feels a little uneasy with Kibum who's smiling at her every time their eyes met. just then, Sulli and Hyomin approaches her...

Sulli: EunShi-ah! which club are u going to join?
Hyomin: Yeah! u haven't join any right?
EunShi: (smiles) I've decide which club i'm joining... thanks for asking...
Hyomin: Ah, really? what club?
Sulli: Yeah! tell us! tell us!
Kibum: U've decide which club to join then? (stands and smiles) i think i know which club...
Sulli&Hyomin: (look at each other and ask) Really? how do u know??
EunShi: (silent)
Kibum: (smiles widely) Of course i'll know... I've known Eun from middle school after all... didn't we, Eun?
EunShi: (looks away)

Minho, who's right in front of her, feels like throwing a punch right on Kibum's face. he's so jealous. hearing the way Kibum talk about EunShi make him feels threatened. as if Kibum is going to take EunShi away from him. slowly, he stands up and turns towards EunShi, he can't possibly just watch right? he need to play the game too...

Minho: (looks at EunShi) Are u ready to go?
EunShi: Huh?
Minho: U're going to your club right? i'll take u there...
Kibum: I can take her there too! u don't have to!
Minho: Oh, aren't u late for your club, Kim Kibum?
Kibum: Duh. it's fine since EunShi's going to my club! why don't u just head to your lame club, Choi Minho..
Minho: It's not lame. watch your mouth.
Sulli: Your club? (looks at Hyomin)
Kibum: Huh? Why should i? it's lame after all... (smirk) yes, my club. the basketball club. problem?
Minho: U...
EunShi: (stands) Shut up, Kim Kibum. for your information, there's no lame club in this school. if something is lame, then it's u! (walks away)
Kibum: Uh, EunShi!
Sulli&Hyomin: EunShi, wait! (went after her)
Minho: (chuckles) Too bad, Kibum. U forgot that this is her grandpa's school... (evil-smile) minus one-point for u. (walks away)

Kibum hit his head. he totally forgot that this is EunShi's grandpa's school. talking bad about this school is the same as talking bad about her grandpa! of course she'll be mad if someone talks bad about her grandpa!

Kibum: Stupid! stupid! what did u just say, Kim Kibum?? stupid!! damn it! what did i do??? arghhhh!!


Hyunki: Kibum-ah! what are u doing here?? let's go home! (approaches)
Kibum: Uh.. i have to attend my club's activities.. go home by yourself.
Hyunki: Huh? club?? ah! that's must be what seonsaengnim was talking about! hmm... so, what club are u in?
Kibum: Basketball. (pick up his bag)
Hyunki: Basketball? i don't know how to play basketball...
Kibum: Then find other club..
Hyunki: (stares) Ara yo!! huh... (sulks)
Kibum: Duh, whatever. i'm late, bye. (walks away)
Hyunki: Huh? Kim Kibum!! wait for me!! (chases)
Kibum: Mwoya?? go home already!
Hyunki: Huh! how dare u shout at me! (wants to hit) i'm your noona!
Kibum: Uh, yeah, so scared... (mehrong)
Hyunki: U little!!
Kibum: Uh, just go home already! (runs away)
Hyunki: Ya!! Kim Kibum!!! damn that kid!! i'll get u at home!!! arghh!!

Hyunki stomps her feet a few times before someone greets her...

Voice: Ah, sunbae?
Hyunki: Huh? (turns) ah! (covers her mouth)
Jonghyun: (bows) Annyeong haseyo, sunbaenim...
Hyunki: Ah, (blushes) annyeong...
Jonghyun: What are u doing here, sunbae?
Hyunki: Ah? me? um, i was looking for my brother... but he left me for his club...
Jonghyun: Oh, i see... then, are u going home?
Hyunki: Hmm... i guess so... i don't know which club to join since i'm not familiar with this school...
Jonghyun: Oh, really? (thinks) tell me , sunbae. do u like sports?
Hyunki: Ah... not really... u?
Jonghyun: (smiles) Kinda... shall i recommend u some interesting clubs here in SM High?
Hyunki: Ah! Can u??
Jonghyun: Sure... i'll tell u while we walk... ok?
Hyunki: (nods) Um!

*Gym Hall...

Kibum drags his feet slowly into the dressing room and heads to his locker. few freshmen are staring at him, as if they never saw him before. but he ignores it, since, it's normal for people to look at him. lazily, he changes into his sweatshirt and short. right after he closes the door, Taecyeon greets him...

Kibum: Uh! Sunbae..
Taecyeon: (smiles) U're late.
Kibum: Ah... (rubs head)
Taeyeon: Hahaha... gwenchana..uh, by the way... u're in the same class as EunShi right?
Kibum: Huh? (looks away) yeah...
Taecyeon: Great! so, do u know which club she's joining?
Kibum: Uh... no... (shakes head)
Taecyeon: Oh? really?? (looks down) i wish she'll join us...
Kibum: Yeah.. nado..
Taeyeon: So she haven't decide which club she's joining eh?
Kibum: (nods)
Taecyeon: Hmm... i guess there's still hope for us, right?
Kibum: I hope so...
Taecyeon: (sighs) Hmmm, shall we get going?
Kibum: (nods)

Just then, Jinwoon come running towards him...

Jinwoon: Yah! Kibum! (pant)
Kibum: Huh? what's up with u??
Jinwoon: Eun, hah, (pant) EunShi...
Kibum: Huh?? what's wrong with her??
Jinwoon: She.. uh, she joins... the, the... (still panting)
Kibum: Joins what????
Taecyeon: Ya, take it easy bro...
Jinwoon: (nods and breathes in) Haaaa...
Kibum: She joins what???
Jinwoon: Yah, calm down.... she joins the, uh...
Kibum&Taecyeon: WHAT??
Jinwoon: Woo... take it easy... she joins the Kyudo Club!
Kibum&Taecyeon: KYUDO????
Jinwoon: (nods) Yup... i heard the volleyball girls saw her walking towards the club with a bow...
Kibum: Seriously???
Taecyeon: Why would she joins such a club???
Jinwoon: (raise shoulder) No idea... thought u wanna know... that's why i come here...

Kibum can't believe it. why would she, in the world, would join such a club?? she's known for her speed and height. she made a great basketball player. she's been getting the MVP for two consecutive year, since 1st year of junior high! he still remember clearly when both of them topped the podium. he shakes his head. he can't believe she'll be wasting her talent for some stupid sport like kyudo or the Japanese Archery. he punches the locker door next to him before running towards the Kyudo club, leaving Taecyeon and Jinwoon looking at each other with a puzzled face...

*Kyudo Club...

Members of the Kyudo club starts whispering to each other when the granddaughter of the school's director came into the club and claims that she'll be joining them. as the rumours said, she's a basketball star and hold the title as the MVP for two years in a row already. it's really surprising to see her, out of all people, to be standing there, with a bow in her hand. Minho, who's also in the Kyudo club, stares at her with disbelieve. the vice president, Jang Hyunseung (Class 3-1), approaches her...

Hyunseung: Um, u're, Lee EunShi from Class 1-1 right?
EunShi: (nods) Ye...
Hyunseung: Are u sure u want to join us?
EunShi: Yes. i'm very sure.
Hyunseung: Uh... really? u see... our club is... kinda...
EunShi: Hmmm? is there a problem?
Hyunseung: Ah, no! it's not that... it's just...
EunShi: Then i can join right? (smiles)
Hyunseung: Ah... (blushes) ne...
EunShi: Well then, (bows) please take care of me.
Hyunseung: Ah! ye! uh, guys, let's meet our new member!
Others: Ne!! (surrounds)

Minho smiles a little while watching the crowd flocks over her. everyone seems so excited. well actually, he's excited too. being in the same club as her means that he has more chance on being with her, so he scores one for that. as their eyes met, she smiles at him, making his heart beats faster. but that's not a problem for him, because he likes it. his heart beating for her that is. as she disappears into the dressing room to get dressed, Hyunseung approaches him...

Hyunseung: She's from your class right?
Minho: Ah, (nods) ye...
Hyunseung: Did she mention that she's going to join our club?
Minho: No...
Hyunseung: Really? i wonder why she joins us...
Minho: (raise shoulder)
Hyunseung: Ah, well. it's nice to have someone like her in our club right? (smiles)
Minho: (soft face) Ye...
Hyunseung: Omo, omo... look at u!
Minho: Huh? wae?
Hyunseung: (smiles meaningfully) Well, with that face, anyone can fall for her right?
Minho: Huh? (stares)
Hyunseung: (pats his shoulder) Best of luck!
Minho: Uh??

Suddenly, people starts going "Whoa...". Minho and Hyunseung turns their head towards the "whoa" come from. it's EunShi, with her hakama* on and her long black bow in her right hand. she looks so stunning and Minho can feels his heart beats faster than before. he can't took his eyes from her. from the moment she stepped out with her hakama, until the time she pulls the string and aim for the mato*. he just can't take his eyes off her... (hakama= a Japanese clothing worn by swordsmen/archers) (mato= normal target for most kyudo practitioners)

And the same goes to Kibum, who's standing like a statue right in front of the club. with his eyes on EunShi, who's aiming the mato. and thud! she hits the bullseye. everyone's jaw drops. she's not lucky or whatsoever. she's a good archer, for sure. now everything looks clear for them, she's not wasting her talent for basketball, she just have other talent, and that includes kyudo.

As for Kibum, he just can't accept it. she's standing there, with her face full with confidence, with her hair tied neatly to the back. a sudden gap suddenly appears between them, and Kibum can feels that she's getting further and further away him. and right at that moment, he spots someone he doesn't want to see, Minho! he's smiling, happily, his face shimmering, with his eyes on EunShi. he's looking at her, just like he's looking at her. and Kibum wants to scream again, he wants to scream his lung out, again...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

< S.C.H.O.O.L + C.O.P.Y.C.A.T >

omagahh ! >.<"
i'm dead tired ! hu3 . .
homework are just . . uh . . tiresome ! :[[
i still have 3 essays to finish ! damn it ! -.-
plus , i'll be joining a tuition class . . so that mean , MORE WORKS !
gahhh . . (sighs)
but , what can i do . . this is an important year for me . . SPM !
duhh . . can't believe i'm already in Form 5 . . 
good bye precious high school life ! TT______TT
hu3 . . ok , ok . . enough about school . 

let's talk about , um , yeah , this blog !
duhh . . i think it's kinda lame and old-looking too . . maybe i'll change it , soon . . 
yeah , because i'm TOO BUSY with homework and stuff , i don't have the time to update my ff . . 
ku3 . . sorry for that . . >.<"
i'll update it weekly . . (if i can ! )

well then , let's leave that aside , n talk about that ANNOYING , DIMWIT , STUPID , MELON , COPYCAT !
yeah , it's not over yet . she's still copying me . . and now , WTH ? don't u have any other words in ur head , my dear dear friend ? ?
god . . if u want write , just write . . i don't care . . but do u have to COPY my words too ? ? isn't it enough copying HOW i write things ? ? 
geez . . u really don't have ur own sense of creativity eh ?
and also , stop talking about me and Ahn please ? we're over ok ? OVER ? do i need to repeat it ?
it's OVER , darned it ! ! 
do u possibly think , that i , will be touched if u said that u wish to be like me
for heaven sake ! ! !
i don't ! ! i HATE it ! did u see that ? HATE ! !
lame ! ! there's nothing between us anymore , so there's no point on saying things that was related to me !
if u want to , u would've said it BEFORE ! but yet , did u say anything ? ?
U DON'T ! ! u just keep ur mouth shut and look when people are bashing me !
saying that it's ur fault and stuff . . but do u know what , IT IS YOUR FAULT !
hell , did u do anything about it ? NO
stupid , it's useless talking about that now . i'm gone and i'm happy with it .
in fact , i'm GLAD that i'm no longer in that , uh , shall i say , WORTHLESS , group ? 
oh , maybe STUPID group sounds better . :))
yeah , it does  . . ^^
STUPID GROUP . . ku3 . . ;pp
aigoo . . seriously guys , GROW UP ! !
this whole stuff are wasting ur precious time . . POINTLESS ok ? POINTLESS !
but hey , it's up to u guys laa . . it's ur life right ?
i don't care as long as u don't COPY me !
geez . . stop it . . i'm not going to tell u , because i want to see whether u realize that u are copying me or not . .
so far , i think u don't . because u're still with ur 'OWN' life . . (really ?)
ha3 . . LIFE ? i don't think u have one . . if u do , u'll NEVER copy people right ? 
carry on , my dear dear friend . . 
(i feel like puking writing the word 'friend' coz , u're NOT my friend . .)
keep on doing that , coz it won't last . . :PP
keep on living in ur 'copied' life . . 

ah , before i end this , whoa , long post . . shall i give u guys a little info ? 
one , u spell believe , as BELIEVE . . not BELIVE . . . 
and also , thinking is spelled as THINKING . . not THINGKING . . 
what's THINGKING huh ? a king of thing ? LOL ! 
ur fail is embarrassing ! ! i believe that it's not just a typo , coz u spelled those for like , tons of time now . . seriously , use the dictionary will ya ??
about grammar function , ke3 . . i guess that's out of my hand . . but hey , we've learned about tenses from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL , friend ! ! 
how can u not know that 'will' cannot be followed by a past tense verb ? ? 
and if u've put 'most' at the front , u can't put '-est' on the word after it ! !
same goes to 'more' . why the hell did u put '-er' after the word 'more' ? ? ?
seriously , even a Form 1 student knows that ! !
here are some examples . . 

>More cuter (WTH??) is supposed to be 'CUTER' or 'MORE CUTE' . . but people usually use 'cuter' or 'much cuter' . . not more cuter ! that's wrong !
>Most youngest (-.-") is supposed to be 'youngest' . . 'most' already carries the same meaning as '-est' . . why did u join it together ? ? 
>I'll shared . . oh god . . there's the 'll or 'will' . . that thing hasn't happen yet . . so it should be 'I'll share' . . same goes to other verbs maa . . :PP

yes . . my English is not perfect too . . i admit that !
i also did a lot of grammatical errors . .
it's not like i never made mistakes . . but hell ! 
people says 'learn from your mistakes' , not 'REPEAT your mistakes' ! ! 
hu3 . . i hope u see this and work on ur English . .
i'm not bragging but , simple things like this are unacceptable for someone ur age . . 
a lot of younger students can write better than u , believe me . . 
if u're not willing to learn from ur mistakes , don't write in English
i hate when people think that they're good in it when they actually don't ! !
yeah , we're all learning , and i'm learning as well . . but hey , don't u know these basic stuff ? ?
gosh . . work on ur vocabulary too . . use the dictionary , read a lot of books !
rather than seeing u and ur mistakes , i rather do this . . 

yeah , i know i may sound cocky , but this is the truth . :|
i don't care what people think of me , since who are they to judge me ? 
they don't know me , the real me . . so , why the hell should i care about what they say right ?
but , don't meddle with my business , or u'll got what u deserved . .
that's why , if u really want to BE like me , or COPY me , make sure u're GOOD ENOUGH to at least write like me !

huk3 . . 
i think it's enough now . . i better finish my homework . . till then , see u guys later ! 
annyeong !

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chapter 8 (part 2)> Kibum's Plan...

After recess, Kibum enters the class and everyone land their eyes on him, thinking where did he went to. he stares at them and they quickly turns away. as he reached his seat, he looks to EunShi's empty seat. he sits with his eyes still on her seat, without knowing that Minho, is looking at him. then...

Sulli: That was the best lunch ever!
Hyomin: Yes! we never had so much fun eating before!
EunShi: (smiles) I had a lot of fun too, thanks to u guys...
Sulli: Ani! thanks to u!
Hyomin: (nods) Um!
EunShi: (shakes head) Never mind, thanks to each of us. how's that?
Sulli&Hyomin: (nods) Um!
Sulli: Ah, i need to use the bathroom. wanna join me?
EunShi: Ani... i'll just wait in class...
Hyomin: Then, i'll go with u!
Sulli: Ne! bye, EunShi!
Hyomin: (waves) Bye-bye!
 EunShi: (nods and enter the class)

She stops when her eyes meets Kibum's. it's not because she's shock to see him, it's because he's smiling at her. and it is really surprising since he never smiles to her ever since they break up. but now, he's smiling at her, with the smile that he never shows to anyone, apart from her. acting tough, she swallows her guts and walks to her seat, ignoring him. but his eyes are still on her, and his lips still smiling. she sits down and pretend like it's nothing.

With all his courage, Kibum opens his mouth. even though it really hurts seeing her ignoring him like that. but, the words that Jinwoon said earlier manages to keep him going and stick to his plan...

Kibum: Have u had your lunch, EunShi?
EunShi: (shocked)
Kibum: Hmmm?
EunShi: (cold voice) None of your business.
Kibum: Ah, jeongmal? (rubs head) but i just want to know whether u had your lunch yet or not... like the old time...
EunShi: (turns to him) Mwo?

He smirks. not because he managed to get her attention, well that too, but he also managed to make the col-blooded creature with death stare eavesdrop to them. he can see clearly how Minho nearly drop his book when he said 'like the old time'. seeing that victory might turn to him, he added more...

Kibum: U didn't have a really good tummy, Eun-i... so u have to eat a lot... that's why i ask... (concern face)
EunShi: What're u talking about?
Kibum: I still remember, when u fainted during sports day...
EunShi: Huh?
Kibum: Trying to act tough when i asked u to eat. that's what happened! (chuckles) i don't want to see u faint again... so, here... (puts a bag of buns on her desk)
EunShi: (peeks then stares at him)
Kibum: (smiles) Luckily i managed to bought the buns. i got everything that u like... see, (takes out a bottle) i even bought your favorite milk!
EunShi: (looks away) I don't want it.
Kibum: Huh?
EunShi: I said i don't want it. take it away.
Kibum: Eun-i...
EunShi: And don't call me that. it's disgusting. (takes out Physics books and stands) Mr. Han said we'll be going to the lab for Physics. (walks away)
Jaejin: Ah? jeongmal??
EunShi: (nods) Yeah.

Kibum freezes at his place. in deed, he was ignored. totally ignored. luckily no one saw that because they were too absorbed in their businesses. but, one person did. and that person stands with a his usual cold face and walks away. he glances at him, at Kibum knows what that glance mean...

Minho: (in his head) Sorry bout that, friend.

And when everyone is gone, Kibum feels like crying again. he stares at the buns and the strawberry milk in his hand. he nearly throws it away, but, he pulls himself together, and swears to himself.

Kibum: For EunShi, i won't give up. (glares at Minho's seat) and u haven't win yet, Choi Minho. just wait and see. she's mine, and she's forever be mine.

Quickly, he grabs his books and rushes out of the classroom, catching up with the rest. of course he manages to, he's one of the top runner in the district, so it's not that hard for him to catch up to her.

Kibum: Yah, EunShi! wait up!
EunShi: (stops and turns)
Kibum: I made it! (smiles) let's go together!
EunShi: (blank stares)
Kibum: Hmm? what's up?

She frowns and turns away, surprise by his sudden change. but, she let it pass and walks away. seeing that, Kibum quickly uniforms his steps to her and now they walk at the same pace. but she ignores him, like no one is walking next to her. but, determined, Kibum tries to hold a conversation...

Kibum: Ah, u got taller, haven't u?
EunShi: (glances and raise her shoulder)
Kibum: Fufufu... u did!
EunShi: I did not.
Kibum: U did! before, u're just about this tall, (points to his cheek) now u're this tall! (points to his ears)
EunShi: No! i'm not that short!
Kibum: Eh?? (laughs) u do! u're kinda short back then!
EunShi: (glares) No!
Kibum: U do, sweetie-pie...
EunShi: (mehrong) Nan aniya!
Kibum: U do!!

Kibum is happy. looks like his plans work. he keeps teasing her. even though sometimes she just ignored it, but she shows some facial expression too. and, as they walk, side by side, Kibum can feels his back is burning. and feeling that he knows that he still has the chance to win too. so, who's burning his back? who else?? Choi Minho! who's staring at them with his fiery gaze. as if there's flame in his eyes. his heart thumps like crazy and he can feels his veins expanding throughout his body. he's mad. nope, he's jealous. jealous with the scene in front of him. like everyone else, he wonders too, why did Kibum act like that. but, he knows why. he see right through him. he wants her back. yes. he does. and, he's not going to stand there and do nothing, while watching the love of his life got swaps away by her ex-boyfriend, right? the laboratory is getting near and he needs to think fast.

Brilliantly, he cuts a few guys in front of him and get close to them. with his accurate measurement, he throws his mechanical pencil's lid to EunShi's right hand, which is carrying her textbook. and blop! it hits right where he wants it to.

EunShi: Ouch! (drops her textbook)
Kibum: Uh? what's wrong??
EunShi: (hold her hands)
Kibum: What's the matter??
Minho: (gently) Gwenchanayo?
EunShi: Uh... (nods)
Minho: What's wrong with your hand?
EunShi: Molla... i think something bites my hand. but there's no mark...
Minho: Let me see... (takes her hand) ah, maybe something hits it?
EunShi: Uh... molla...
Minho: (lets go and pick her book) U should be more careful... here...
EunShi: Ah, gomawo...
Minho: No problem... shall we?
EunShi: (nods and walk away)

Minho follows her and turns his head a little bit, enough to let Kibum sees his devilish smirk as he walks away with EunShi, who's leaving him behind. irritated, he catches up. a 'pushing-war' occurs right behind her but she didn't realize it. and they continued it util it was time to sit. EunShi sits at the second line to the left and both of them are trying to sit next to her. since he's taller and has a good reflex, Minho managed to sit next to her.

EunShi: (realizes that Minho is next to her) Oh, it's u!
Minho: Uh? wae?
EunShi: (smiles and shakes her head) Ani... do u like physics?
Minho: Na?
EunShi: (nods)
Minho: Kinda... but i don't favours it... how about u?
EunShi: Fufufu... i hate it.
Minho: Really?
EunShi: Yeah...
Minho: (completely paying attention to her) Wae?
EunShi: (blow her cheeks and raise her shoulder)

Minho smiles. 'she's so cute!' popped in his head. 'i just want to bite her! uh, i can't do that eh? damn! but hey, she talk to me!' he thought. it really makes him happy. they talk a little about this and that before focusing at their books and start discussing about the lesson. since she's new, she doesn't know where Class 1-1 have reached. so, Minho told her and they look really close when they're discussing...

At the same time, Kibum, who's right behind them, feels like his eyes are about to burst. he's so mad! or, so jealous! 'damn that Minho! i nearly got to sit next to her!' he thought. but, there's nothing he can do than watching them talking to each other and exchange gazes. he hold his fist and clenches his teeth. his face starts to turn red and he's about to burst. Yoseob, who's next to him, move away for a bit because of the heat from the 'Perfect Kim' is overflowing. and he doesn't want to be his 'victim'. and Kibum keeps glaring at both of them, throughout the whole lesson...

Class 1-1
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