H e l l o (short story)

It's been a week since he saw that girl. he really like her. even though she's quite far from his ideal type. he wants someone that is feminine and lady-like. but, as soon as he lay his eyes on her. all that perfect look that he's trying to find, just disappear. and now, he wants to know her. he wants to talk to her. he wants to see her beautiful smile, hearing her sweet voice, everything...

But, he's too shy. he doesn't know how to approach her. he's so immature. he's scared to be turned down. Actually, he doesn't know how to start a love. therefore, in order not to lose her, he asks everyone around him whose in love right now. he'll go to them and ask, "How do you start a love?". but, he didn't find the answer he wants to hear. he'll wonder, will the day when he hold her hands come? will he be able to kiss her above her closed eyes? will it ever come?

Regretting all the time he wasted asking people, he brings up his courage and acted confidently. he wants to talk to her, even for just a second. even though he might stutter a little, it's okay. because he really wants to talk to her. but, as she passed him by, he can't make a move. he thought, 'should i confront her now? or should i wait a little longer?'. it's harder when somebody said he should do it, and the other one said he should wait. being someone with a high standards, he wasn't used to this kind of thing. yes, that's what happened to him. and he just hoped that she'll believe him. but still, he still wonders if he'll be able to hug her freely? and he also believe that what he thinks can come true.

The truth is, this isn't his first time. he used to loved and parted before. but, that's an old story. she's different from the previous one. and again, he hoped that she'll believe in him, again. but, he can't stay this way forever. he needs to make a move. he really have to.

So, this time around. he's really going to do it. he'll never back off anymore. who knows that they might work it out? unless he tries it. he still don't know how she feels towards him but, he'll never know unless he asks her face to face. and finally, he makes up his mind. with hopes that she'll give him a chance, he walks confidently, confronted her. he did stutter, but it doesn't matter now. he's really going to do it. and, when he's right in front of her, he can't think of anymore blissful moment than this. he can't express himself more than this and if she takes his hand, he'll never let it go. and if this really is love, he'll never let her go for sure. this might be their destiny. so, with all the courage that he build up all this time, he inhale and says...


>Based on the song, Hello - SHINee<