Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chapter 3 (part 1)> She's Sick?

*March 27, SM High...

Onew and EunShi have just arrived at the school...

Onew: Are u sure u're okay??
EunShi: (nods) Ne... (hoarse voice) i'm fine...
Onew: Aigoo... u should just rest at home... skipping one or two days won't effect u... (worried face)
EunShi: I'm.. (cough) i'm fine... (bitter smile)
Onew: Here... (gives his scarf and put in on her)
EunShi: Uh, (cough) i don't need it, oppa...
Onew: U do. now, hurry up and go to ur class.
EunShi: Uh... ne.... (walks)
Onew: Ah, EunShi!
EunShi: (turns) Ne?
Onew: Come  to the council's room during lunch break ok?
EunShi: Uh? um, ne...
Onew: Be careful!
EunShi: (nods and walks away)
Onew: Aigoo... i really shouldn't let her come to the school... (walks towards his block)
Jonghyun: Annyeong haseyo, hyung... what're u talking about?
Onew: Uh? ah, annyeong Jonghyun... ani, it's just EunShi...
Jonghyun: Hm? what's wrong with her?
Onew: She got a fever and yet she still wants to come to school... i'm worried...
Jonghyun: She did?? well, i guess u can't change her mind huh?
Onew: Yeah... really can't... once she made her mind up, she'll do it for sure... ah, do u have anything to say to me?
Jonghyun: Ah? ani... it's just that, the Discipline Department have managed to lessen the ads campaigns by all the clubs...
Onew: Yes.. i see that the school yard is clear today... good job. (pats his shoulder) i guess putting u as the head of the department is a really great idea huh? (bitter smile)
Jonghyun: Ah, kamsahamnida, hyung...
Onew: Oh, well then, i'll see u later... (pats his shoulder again and walks away)
Jonghyun: Ne, hyung... (walks towards his block)

Onew walks towards the 3rd year's block with a heavy heart. he still thinks about EunShi. while sighing, he puts his shoes in the locker. just as he closes his locker, a voice greets him...

Voice: Annyeong haseyo, sunbaenim...
Onew: Huh? Ah, annyeong, Minho... what's the matter?
Minho: Oh, i'm just returning this umbrella that Ahn Soo used yesterday...
Onew: Oh? Aigoo... u don't have to bother...
Minho: Aniya... (holds out)
Onew: Why don't u just give it to EunShi? u didn't have to come all the way here... (takes)
Minho: Ah, i... um...
Onew: (smile) Hu, gwenchana... thanks for bringing this...
Minho:Ah, yea... well, please excuse me, sunbae... (bows and turns)
Onew: Ne... (turns and suddenly remember something, so he turns around back) Minho!
Minho: (turns) Ne, sunbae?
Onew: Can u, (finding proper words) um... can u look after EunShi today?
Minho: (surprised) Huh?
Onew: I mean, she's kinda sick... can u look after her...
Minho: She's sick?
Onew: Yes... really sick... (exaggerating) so, would u mind to??
Minho: Ah, (worried face) is it bad??
Onew: Pretty bad... (sad face) will u?
Minho: Ah, sure... i will... then, (bows and quickly runs towards the 1st year's block)
Onew: (smiles brightly) Mission, accomplished!
Taeyeon(suddenly) What mission?
Onew: Oh! u startled me!
Taeyeon: That's Choi Minho of Class 1-1 right? (looks outside)
Onew: Yeah... (smile)
Taeyeon: Hmmm... this is weird... why is he here??
Onew: (smile) Why u wanna know?
Taeyeon: Just curious...
Onew: Well, curiosity kills the cat... (walks away)
Taeyeon: Oh... ok... (follows)
Onew: So, what's up?
Taeyeon: Nothing... just weird... why're u so happy all of the sudden?
Onew: Me? really?
Taeyeon: Ne...
Onew: Let's just say, i'm happy because the Discipline Department did a great job with the clubs... (smile)
Taeyeon: Mwo?
Onew: (laughs and enter the class) Talk to u later...
Taeyeon: Oh, ok...

*Class 1-1...

Minho opens the door and walks to his seat. however, EunShi is not there. even her bag is not there. feeling worried, he puts his bag and went out of the class. all the students in Class 1-1 are surprised by his action. usually, he'll sit down and sleep or just stares outside the window. but today, just as he puts his bag down, he quickly went out. looking worried. they never saw him with that kind of expression before. even Kibum, who's surrounded by girls, is wondering about him...

Soojung: What's wrong with him?
Suzy: (raise shoulder) Molla... do u know, Kibum?
Kibum: Huh, no...
Suzy: That's weird... by the way, ur 'neighbor' still hasn't come huh?
Kibum: Dugu?
Soojung: Huh... (points to EunShi's seat) does she always comes late?
Kibum: (stares at EunShi's seat)
Soojung: Kibum!
Kibum: Ah? yea?
Soojung: Why're u staring at her seat??
Kibum: Ah, anieyo... i'm just thinking... how messy her table is...
Suzy:  Is it?? (approaches EunShi's seat) Uh, there's nothing!
Kibum: Huh? really? i guess she still like before... she'll never leave anything in her drawer... (smiles) and u guys know, she used to.... um...

Soojung and Suzy both stare at Kibum.

Kibum: Ah, i mean... i need to go to the toilet! excuse me, ladies... (walks quickly)
Soojung: Did u see that??
Suzy: Yeah! he talks while smiling!!
Soojung: Seriously! what's so great about her anyway??
Suzy: Yeah... she's so not pretty at all!
Seonhwa: Are u guys talking about the director's granddaughter?
Suzy: Well yeah... we hate her!
Soojung: Yup!
Seonhwa: But, why? she didn't do anything to u guys...
Soojung&Suzy: Didn't do anything??
Seonhwa: Yeah.. she didn't right?
Soojung: Hello? dun u know she used to date our Kibum?? that's a crime ok? a CRIME!
Suzy: Yeah, and plus, dun u see the way she treats him the first time she got here? she pisses me off!
Seonhwa: Uh... u guys..
Suzy: What?? hey, if u don't like it, why don't u join them?? (points at the front left corner)
Soojung: Yeah! u suits them! now, go away!
Seonhwa: What??
Suzy: So, if u don't want to be an outcast like them, just shut up ok?
Soojung: Yeah! stupid!
Seonhwa: Uh... (speechless)
Kibum: Hey, what's up ladies? what's with the face, Seonhwa? (smile)
Soojung: It's nothing, Kibummie... she just had a little dizziness... (glare)
Kibum: Oh, really?
Seonhwa: Ah, yea...

Suddenly, EunShi enters the classroom. all the eyes are set on her. as she passes Kibum and his 'courtesans', he started to pick up a fight with her...

Kibum: What's up with the coat and scarfs, bimbo?? catch a cold??
EunShi: (glare but didn't say anything and just sit)
Kibum: Oh, what now? lose ur voice??
EunShi: (hoarse voice) Shut, uhm... shut up...
Kibum: (shocked) Ya! u really got a fever??
Soojung: (looks at Kibum) Well, let her be...
Kibum: Ah, yeah... (realized) how stupid... how can someone get a cold huh??
Suzy: Um.. right... only...
EunShi: (glare)
Suzy: Ah, um.. i think i'm going to sit now... (pull Soojung's hand)
Soojung: Ya!
Suzy: (whisper) She's the director's granddaughter, remember? don't get too carried away!
Soojung: (realized) Uh, well, i'm going to sit as well, Kibummie...
Kibum: Eh? (smiles) ok...
Seonhwa: Uh? um, gwenchana yo, EunShi?
EunShi: (looks at her) De?
Seonhwa: Ah... sorry... nothing... (went to her sit)
Kibum: What's this? u catch a cold and now ur voice sounded like a horse?? duh, stupid...
EunShi: (glare) What... (cough) it has... (cough again) to do with u? (cough)
Kibum: Eww... u can't even take care of urself... how stupid...
EunShi: (cough) shut up!
Kibum: Huh... u-

>Door opens abruptly<

Minho: U're here! (pant)

The whole class eyes are now on Minho, who barges into the classroom while panting and looking straight at EunShi. everyone wonders...

Minho: (walks to EunShi's seat) U're here...
EunShi: (looks up) Ne?
Minho: (shocked) Ur voice...
EunShi: Uh... (looks down)
Minho: Ah, here... (put a bottle of fever medicine on her table)
EunShi: Huh?
Minho: Ur, ur brother ask me to give this to u! (looks away)
EunShi: Ah... really? th- (cough) thanks...
Minho: Ah, yea... (blush) well, drink it up. (sits and look outside)
EunShi: (nods)

Kibum's eyes are about to popped out of its' sockets. well, it's not just his eyes. everyone's eyes are about as same as he is. everyone was so surprised to see what just happen. Minho, the guy that has no expression at all, and barely talk in the classroom, could've actually hold a conversation with a girl! and not just any girl! it's Lee EunShi! he even said a nice sentence 'well, drink it up' so politely! and, just now, he blushed!! now, everyone is thinking of the same thing. everyone, except for someone, who's over-thinking it. and, who's that someone? of course, Kibum! and, what did he actually thinks? no one knows!!


kak pe'ah :) said...

baik nye onew , i', proud , hahaha~
wahh jjong da muncul , jeng3 , tp dy mcm xde life je , hahaha~
giler suzy jahat , muke comel je , haha~

Anonymous said...

kinda interesting..
msty keje Onew nk pair up unnie & minho right??

MinEun said...

biel . . ha3 . .
jjongie mmg cenggitu sket . . sabo jela ek . . :P
ha3 . .taw tape . .
wana . . hu3 . . maybe . . :)
thanks . . ^^

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